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The Core Psychology Journal ranking is based on data from Elsevier's Scopus database and's Article Influence Score ("a measure of a journal's prestige based on per article citations and comparable to (Thomson Scientific) Impact Factor").'s methodology for calculating the Article Influence score and also its Eigenfactor factor score is available here.

Here is the PsycINFO journal coverage list.

Journal Weighting

Journal NameMax ImpactWeightingHigh ValueLast Year of Data
Academic Onefile 1  
Academic Search Premier 1  
Expanded Academic ASAP 1  
Gale Psychology Collection 1  
Medline Journals 1  
ProQuest Psychology Journals 1  


A Title's ranking is calculated from the sum of weightings for that Title. The weightings are applied for a Title if it appears in the appropriate publication.

All Titles must be be in "Core Psychology Journals" in order to appear in this Database, thus a weighting is not required for this publication and is not shown.

For publications "Academic Onefile", "Academic Search Premier", "Expanded Academic ASAP", "Gale Psychology Collection", "Medline Journals", "ProQuest Psychology Journals" the weightings are for if a Title appears in that publication's latest list.

For publications "Scopus" and "Eigenfactor", the weighting is pro-rated against the latest score the Title has in that Publication.
For Scopus the highest value for any Psychology Title in the publication is currently 13+, so I have nominally set the maximum possible high to be above that to avoid the Maximum score from changing each year.

If the Scopus Weighting is 10, and a Title has a Scopus score of 8.5, then it's weighting towards its Rank score for Scopus would be (8.5/25) * 10.
A Title with a Score of 25 would get the full weighting.
The same Methodology applies to the weighting of Titles in the Eigenfactor publication.

The current weightings are shown on this page, but we hope to offer in the future a method for a User to submit their own publication weightings.

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